Standard Post with Featured Image

This is how the standard post looks like. “Does he never go out?” asked the Scarecrow.
“Never. He sits day after day in the great Throne Room of his Palace, and even those who wait upon him do not see him face to face.”
“What is he like?” asked the girl.
“That is hard to tell,” said the man thoughtfully. “You see, Oz is a Great Wizard, and can take on any form he wishes. So that some say he looks like a bird; and some say he looks like an elephant; and some say he looks like a cat. To others he appears as a beautiful fairy, or a brownie, or in any other form that pleases him. But who the real Oz is, when he is in his own form, no living person can tell.”
“That is very strange,” said Dorothy, “but we must try, in some way, to see him, or we shall have made our journey for nothing.”
“Why do you wish to see the terrible Oz?” asked the man.
“I want him to give me some brains,” said the Scarecrow eagerly.